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Examining the Video Game as an Art Form

When most people think of Video Games, they think of kids playing all day ignoring the outside world. Well maybe they play too much, but there is a reason. Have you looked at a video game recently? Just the pictures alone make you think you are watching a movie. And that is only one part of it. Video games also have carefully constructed story lines, not just a main story line but hundreds sometimes thousands of story lines a player can follow to his hearts content. Video games also make cut scenes. That is scenes of important plot that the player gets to watch like a movie. The people who put these games together are artists. Many of them even go to art school to learn how to use the tools so they can make their ideas come to life on a screen. And, many times the concept art game designers made before they put it into computers is released with the game so players can get a feel for what the original design was before it became digital art. Even coding the game itself is an art form. So next time you go to the store take a second look at that video game art.

The Unheralded Genius of Video Game Artists

The vistas created by video game artists are absolutely amazing, a form of expression that deserve due credit. Whether gamers are brought into a fantasy world, the recreation of a film setting, or someplace that seems completely authentic, video game artists have brought their illustrations to new heights. Realism, imagination, and creative forces combine with the skillful work of the video game artist producing the behinds the scenes magic. In an industry that continues to thrive as more game systems are produced with greater levels of sophistication, the video game artists are the backbone that make the components and characters come together for a satisfying experience for the consumer.

There are a host of games including those intended for young children, games that are aimed at young adults, and games for mature audiences with adult themes and images. Some games are educational for children, some teach adults different skills such as cooking and gardening, others are for fitness, while the majority are for pure entertainment. Talented artists in the video gaming arena know how to create animation that will work to suit the game as well as the audience. One wonders what exciting worlds video game artists will develop next.


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