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Nick Parks – An Artist in Clay

Last night I was trying to Shop electricity rates texas when I just could not focus. I decided I wanted to watch something fun and thought about something made of clay. When was the last time you saw a truly good stop-motion film? Was it Gumby? Or maybe you grew up on the Claymation escapades of everyone’s favorite pesky penguin, Pingu? A man named Nick Parks created a series of Claymation films that all revolutionized the industry and really raised the standards you and I probably came to know and love through programs like Davey and Goliath.

Nick Parks’s signature series involved an absent-minded inventor named Wallace and his genius dog named Gromit who played the silent hero. What first started as a series of short, nonsensical and hilarious adventures eventually gave way to what would become a worldwide phenomenon. It even resulted in a full-length, feature film and several more were soon to follow, but what is it about these characters and their stories that makes them so wildly celebrated all across the planet? What is it about these little clay people living in little clay houses and existing in little clay worlds that makes them so charming?

It’s simple really. As children, most of us played with clay. The soft feel of it on our hands, how we can make almost anything out of it. It is that same softness and that same charming personality that Nick Parks instills in all of his clay creations and that is why he is an artist in clay.


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